About the domain

The Consulting domain focuses on investing in companies and consulting teams possessing specific technical knowledge. The domain aims to provide comprehensive services in the areas of Business Consultancy and IT Consultancy, ideally throughout the complete lifecycle of an enterprise: from defining a business strategy through transformation or optimisation of operations, namely in connection with digitisation, to ensuring the necessary continuity of all business-related and supporting processes. 

Why the ITCON Group brand? 

The domain operates under the ITCON Group brand, acquired from its founding member, ITCON Solutions. The company’s owner Jiří Beran became the domain’s managing equity partner with responsibility for investments in consulting services.

What is the domain’s objective? 

The domain’s long-term objective is to develop a portfolio of companies and specialised teams, complementing each other in terms of their respective competences. The domain’s scope and technical qualities will put it on par with the consulting industry’s big four.