ITCON Solutions has entered the SITCO platform

Prague, February 3, 2022 – ITCON Solutions, a leading Czech provider of professional consulting services in the field of integration of management and modern ICT technologies, has become part of the SITCO business and investment platform. The aim of this step is to accelerate the company's business and its entry among market innovators. 

"We appreciate the opportunity to become a member of SITCO. We firmly believe that this step will help us grow further. It is the beginning of a completely new stage of business for us. Upon entering the platform, we will gain background and partners with whom we will be able to share ideas and experiences, "said Jiří Beran, CEO of ITCON Solutions. 

SITCO is a trading and investment platform backed by domestic capital and dedicated people with a long history of doing business in the markets of Central Europe. It brings together entrepreneurs in the field of innovative technologies who want to further expand and increase their performance through investments, shared knowhow and common business opportunities. By joining the SITCO platform, new members become co-investors and acquire a stake in a community holding company for a share in their companies. 

"We are pleased to welcome a new member to our family. ITCON Solutions helps its customers to implement innovative solutions and make optimal use of technologies with high availability of provided services. We believe that our platform will help it take its business to the next level,” added Alan Ilczyszyn, SITCO's managing Equity Partner. 

The SITCO platform has since 2018 formed part of the investment activities of SUDOP Group, which invests in IT through SUDOP Consulting and Information Technology (hereinafter SUDOP CIT). The ambition of SUDOP CIT is to build one of the largest IT groups in the Czech Republic. SUDOP CIT consists of a group of seven companies and, newly, the SITCO trading and investment platform, together with ITCON Solutions. 

ITCON Solutions offers modern trends in ICT service management, digital transformation processes and cyber security. The company has been operating on the market since 2006 and works for major Czech and foreign companies. Long-term clients of ITCON Solutions are companies in the field of energy, industry, insurance, but also government. The services are provided by a team of more than 50 consultants with facilities in Prague, Mladá Boleslav and Olomouc.