We build a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that help clients to ensure the required levels of cybersecurity at a reasonable cost and with respect to the prevailing lack of qualified specialists on the market.


The Security domain focuses on investing in companies that possess competences and products mainly in the active cybersecurity sphere. In providing cybersecurity, the domain promotes original and comprehensive approaches.


The domain’s founding member and managing equity partner is Jindřich Šavel. With more than 30 years’ of experience in ICT, he is also the main representative of the domain.


NOVICOM has joined the SITCO platform


Prague, 15 March 2022 – NOVICOM, a Czech manufacturer of tools for network management, monitoring and cyber security, has joined the SITCO trading and investment platform. With this step, it promises, above all, faster growth of its business. 

"We offer our customers sophisticated network system protection, one of the most modern available on the IT market. We are therefore convinced that by joining the SITCO platform we are also joining other market innovators and thanks to mutual cooperation and the sharing of knowhow we can provide even more modern products to our customers," said Jindřich Šavel, CEO of NOVICOM. 

Thanks to its own technologies, NOVICOM achieves above-standard efficiency, even in large networks. It has been operating on the market since 1994 and focuses on medium and large sized clients who require a high level of safety and operational reliability. NOVICOM's clients include, for example, the City of Prague, the Municipal Police, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Finance, the Czech Telecommunication Office, Benešov Hospital, Krnov, the University Hospital in Pilsen, and the Třinecké železárny and Liberty Steel companies. In addition to the Czech Republic, the company also succeeds abroad with its solutions – in Slovakia, Poland, German-speaking countries and Vietnam. 

SITCO is a trading and investment platform backed by domestic capital and dedicated people with a long history of doing business in the markets of Central Europe. It brings together entrepreneurs in the field of innovative technologies who want to further expand and increase their performance through investments, shared knowhow and common business opportunities. By joining the SITCO platform, new members become co-investors and acquire a stake in a community holding company for a share in their companies. 

"We welcome NOVICOM to our SITCO family. We believe that our business and investment platform can offer it many synergy effects, which will be appreciated not only by the company itself, but also by satisfied customers," added Alan Ilczyszyn, SITCO's managing Equity Partner. 

The SITCO platform has since 2018 formed part of the investment activities of SUDOP Group, which invests in IT through SUDOP Consulting and Information Technology (hereinafter SUDOP CIT). The ambition of SUDOP CIT is to build one of the largest IT groups in the Czech Republic. SUDOP CIT consists of a group of seven companies and, newly, the SITCO trading and investment platform, together with the NOVICOM and ITCON Solutions.