About the domain

The Security domain focuses on investing in companies possessing competences and products mainly in the sphere of active cybersecurity. In providing cybersecurity, the domain promotes original and comprehensive approaches. The solutions offered are implemented primarily in the areas of network infrastructure management, asset monitoring and visibility, and cybersecurity incident detection and management. Other solutions available from the domain are geared towards security documentation and the outsourcing of tasks of the cybersecurity manager and/or architect.

Why the Novicom Group brand?

The domain operates under the Novicom Group brand, acquired from its founding member Novicom. The company’s co-owner Jindřich Šavel became the managing equity partner of the domain, with responsibility for the development of, and investment in, cybersecurity products and services. 

What is the domain’s objective? 

The domain targets businesses whose products and services address the needs of cybersecurity in the segments of small and medium sized enterprises and corporations. The domain’s objective is to develop a comprehensive suite of solutions and services designed to enable the active protection of organisations from cyberattacks from the outside as well as internal data misuses. 

What products does the domain offer? 

Given the breadth of issues related to developing cybersecurity protections, proprietary issues must also be supported by integration with other providers’ solutions. The cybersecurity domain thus embraces the trend of security outsourcing and promotes the concept of Active SOC, or Security Operation Centre. The domain places equal importance on consulting services that assist an organisation in configuring its internal cyber-protection systems and maintaining the systems at a high level of reliability.