Underlying philosophy and principles

By joining the SITCO platform, individual members become equity partners in the whole company as well as equity partners in one of the four domains being developed. They participate in the decisions on further investments and decide on the further development and overall direction of the whole project.

What is our goal?

  • By joining SITCO, members acquire an investment while preserving their own brand and control of their company (without any need for creating unrealistic corporate plans).
  • Access and the time-span of SITCO are subject to no time limitations. Our core objective is to build over the long term a family of businesses and people interested in joining forces to accelerate their business undertakings and participate in the success of other members.
  • Under no circumstances would the companies within the group be merged and subsequently sold. The goal of SITCO is not to consolidate businesses into a single big legal entity, but to create ideal conditions for shared dynamic growth.