About the company

SITCO is a new, all-Czech investment project. It is designed to help successful companies push their business to new levels and join the elite. As a platform that is unique on the European market, our proposal for tech companies is firmly rooted in partnership and shared values.

SITCO brings together entrepreneurs pursuing innovative technologies. Investment, shared knowhow and jointly pursued business opportunities provide the driving forces for further growth. By joining the SITCO platform, members stand side by side with other successful businesspeople. Instead of competing, they join forces and give one another a leg-up to achieve extra growth.

For participating companies, the platform opens the door to a completely new phase in their existence. They no longer need simply rely on themselves, they can also rely on support and partners who share their success, ideas and experiences. 

How do we achieve this new phase? 

  • Individual members of the unique SITCO platform become co-investors and, as such, they partake in the success of all members.
  • In return for a shareholding in their company, a member receives a shareholding in the SITCO community. This interconnection of assets creates space for a lasting cooperation and minimises investment-associated risks.
  • SITCO possesses highly qualified experts with extensive experience in business undertakings on Central European markets.
  • Members of SITCO enjoy access to shared services provided by the SITCO Center service organisation. These services help members to boost the performance of their businesses and optimise costs.
  • SITCO, as a business and investment platform, is backed exclusively by domestic capital.