How does the platform work?

  1. SITCO follows a long-term strategy set out during the start of investment in four areas of expertise, called domains. They are Consulting, Security, System integration and application development, and Infrastructure.
  2. The service organisation, SITCO Center, provides shared services to members of the platform, ranging from business support through to back-office services, controlling and HR management to procurement services. This enables members to focus fully on their business without worrying about the day-to-day operations agenda.
  3. The domains invest in businesses operating in their respective fields. Technically, that makes SITCO a holding company with shareholdings in the individual domains. SITCO acts as the parent company to the four domains operating as subsidiaries, while SITCO Center is the fifth subsidiary.
  4. Each domain has its managing equity partner responsible for investment in the respective domain’s line of business. This founding member of a domain, usually the first platform member to cover the specific area, acquires up to a 49% shareholding in the domain in return for a business share in their own company. The domains’ managing equity partners also become equity partners of the SITCO platform as a whole. 
  5. Each new member of the platform also has an opportunity to acquire a shareholding in a domain. They then become an equity partner with decision-making powers regarding future investments.