SITCO representatives

Jiří Beran 

Jiří Beran became a member of SITCO in January 2022. As an equity partner, he bears responsibility for developing consulting services in ITCON Group. He became the founding member and managing equity partner of the platform’s Consulting domain, following the acquisition of ITCON Solutions, in which he acted as the company secretary and majority shareholder.

Jiří Beran brings to SITCO extensive experience acquired in ICT. He gained this experience pursuing his own business interests and while serving in managerial positions at international IT and consulting companies.

Jindřich Šavel 

Jindřich Šavel became a member of SITCO in March 2022 through the acquisition of NOVICOM, at which he remains company secretary. As an equity partner, Jindřich Šavel is responsible for developing security and other specific solutions, and for building networks of partners both within the country and abroad. He is also a founding member and a managing equity partner of the platform’s Security domain.

Jindřich Šavel brings to SITCO more than 30 years’ of experience in ICT, acquired mainly through his own business interests in the field of application software development and design of solutions for document management, workflow, records management and infrastructure deliveries.

Jiří Živnůstka

Jiří Živnůstka, a founding investor and member of the board of SITCO, is primarily responsible for the project’s strategy and overall direction. He brings to the project experience, knowledge and intuition acquired and honed over decades in international trade, business intelligence and consulting.

At different points in his career, he has held strategic and managerial positions in many parts of the world, such as at Raiffeisenbank in Serbia and Slovakia, and while providing business consulting to Société Générale in Moscow and to Erste Group in Vienna and Romania.

Working on projects spanning continents, he fine-tuned his ability to find common ground across opinions and cultures. To Jiří Živnůstka, success means turning around rigid thinking, structures and business patterns and producing in their place a well-functioning efficient system. 

In 2018, he became a member of the board of SUDOP CIT bringing with him a vision to create one of the biggest ecosystems of IT companies in Central Europe. He became chairman of the board in 2020.

Jiří Živnůstka oversees mainly acquisitions and synergies between and among companies, such as SITCO, SUDOP CIT and SUDOP Group. He also acts as CEO and as a partner at developer Linksoft, where he has assumed responsibility for business development, analyses and strategic studies.

Michal Šťastný

Michal Šťastný represents SUDOP CIT, a founding member of SITCO. He supports the platform mainly in the sphere of acquisitions, providing analyses, valuations and transaction structuring, as well as the execution of the actual M&A process and assisting in negotiating parameters of the transaction-related documentation.

Prior to joining SUDOP, Michal Šťastný worked in investment banking, participating in numerous transactions worth billions of Czech crowns. Being involved in all major sectors, he acquired vast experience on both sides, working with investors as well as sellers. In 2020, Michal Šťastný assumed responsibility within SITCO for IT acquisitions. He also supports the development and realisation of the platform’s investment strategy.